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Kameti ext. 6227

Shares empowering insight, not false hope.



Subjects:Money/finance, Love/relationships, Destiny/life path

Abilities:Remote viewing, Medium, Clairvoyant

Tools:No Tools


Price: $4.50/minute


Kameti gives general readings and answers questions. First and foremost a precognitive medium, she works with spirit helpers and guides. As she forms connections with ancestral spirits, she sheds light on how to transform unwanted influences to remove blockages to happiness and attract deeper joy. She says, “I am unique in the way that I can calm the spirits of other human beings. I do not binge on fear. I look for opportunities for growth and healing in all of my readings.” Those with love questions will find themselves gravitating toward Kameti. Energized by the growth and evolution of others, she always teaches during her psychic sessions. She applies wisdom to problems and encourages you to get in touch with your emotions. Kameti hopes you will feel uplifted and empowered by not only the answers you receive, but also regarding your life circumstances and future. Reading professionally for over 20 years, she began to have premonitions and psychic dreams at age 5. Soon after, she began to see spirits and energy forms. She then did extensive research on the topics of psychic ability, spirituality, and traditional healing – studying under healers from Cuba, Europe, and Africa.


Kameti is real cool and keeps it real. I like talking to her, because she doesn't sugar talk anything with you. I will call again. She gets 5 stars from me.
I spoke with Kameti in February. She made relationship predictions for April and summertime, July. All of which has come true.
Kameti picked up on a situation that was unfolding literally as we spoke. She described what was happening to a "T". I confirmed EXACTLY what she said to me just minutes after our conversation.
I spoke with Kameti last week and was told I'd hear back from "J" in 4 days, I was hurt when it didn't happen. Kameti assured me timelines may be off by 2 days, before the end of the 2nd day he called and we picked up like nothing happened. She was so accruate and percise, excited for future predictions. So happy and excited and cannot thank this amazing woman enough! Love and light to you angel, thank you for all that you do for us!!!
Spoke with Kameti on July 4,2014. She was a breath of fresh air and I am glad that I did. She gave me so much insight into my situation from a different perspective. I appreciate her wisdom and her knowledge. She is such a gifted spiritual advisor. Thanks Kameti.